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Electrical Services

We can help power up your premise with our electrical services.

Arrow Traders works with a team of highly trained electricians to carry out various electrical maintenance and installation services. We are licenced and qualified to deliver services including re-lamping, installing LED lights amongst various other services. Our team knows how difficult it can be to ensure that your premise is appropriately equipped with safe electronic equipment. Therefore we have obtained all the appropriate accreditations and ensure that all our electronic items are certified and safe for use.

As safety experts, we take pride in our ability to provide a certified and safe electrical service.

Our team ensure we have conducted the appropriate scanning prior to any jobs we complete. We want to ensure that you receive the optimal service and do not have to worry about any issues or safety hazards that may arise. Arrow Traders only works with electrician teams who have provided us with valid certifications that identify their qualifications and skill level. Working with these qualified teams allow us to guarantee that our clients receive a high standard of service, without any safety hazards.

Our electricians can complete any electrical service due to their high level of experience.

We encourage you to contact us no matter how big or small your job is. Arrow Traders has successfully completed large lighting installation projects for our esteemed clients such as the Scentre Group. With our list of suppliers, we are able to supply the best electrical equipment at the best price for your needs.

Our team also regularly completes re-lamping projects. We source the suitable items that can best replace bulbs that have burned out. If you are after the best option at the most convenient price, get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Arrow Traders also has numerous reliable suppliers to assist us with supplying and installing brand new LED lights on your premise. We understand the benefits of LED lighting and encourage the installation of them, with their lower power consumption, higher energy efficiency and longer lifespan. To find out more about the most suitable electrical and lighting equipment contact our knowledgeable team.

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If you would like to know more about our electrical services, we encourage you to reach out to us and one of our team members will be in touch shortly. Simply fill out the contact form on our website, send us an email at sales@arrowtraders.com.au or contact us on our phone number during office hours on (02) 8678 8879.

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