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Anti-Graffiti Mirror

Arrow Traders helps our clients to ensure their premise is consistently maintained. This includes carrying out repair and preventative works. Our team is skilled in installing anti-graffiti film over mirrors to prevent damage. Therefore, the mirrors are more durable and will not be subject to aimless damage.

Want To Protect Your Mirrors?

Our Anti-Graffiti Mirrors are a unique and innovative solution to prevent damage to mirrors in public spaces including:

  • Restrooms
  • Elevators
  • High-Traffic Areas

They are designed to resist damage from graffiti, scratches and all vandalism, ensuring that they are a durable and reliable solution to improve the appearance and functionality of public spaces.

Why Anti-Graffiti Mirrors?

We would highly recommend anti-graffiti mirrors as they have numerous benefits that other options simply cannot provide.

  1. Durability: made from high-quality materials that prevent damage from graffiti, scratches and vandalism, they can withstand wear and tear associated with high-traffic areas and ensure they remain functional and aesthetic for many years.
  2. Easy to clean: the mirrors are easy to maintain, ensuring they uphold their aesthetic look by simply wiping them with a damp cloth or cleaning solution to remove forms of vandalism such as graffiti and markings.
  3. Versatility: anti-graffiti mirrors are perfect in various settings such as restrooms, elevators and similar public spaces as they are easily customised with a range of sizes and styles available.
  4. Customisation: these mirrors can easily be customised to suit your specific needs such as being cut to sizes and shapes as well as designed with different finishes and frames to suit the aesthetic of your workplace.
  5. Safety: anti-graffiti mirrors have been designed to be safe and shatterproof ensuring they are a reliable solution for public settings, made from high quality materials that are impact and breakage resistant to prevent injuries in case of accidents.
  6. Cost-effective: they are usually considered less expensive than standard mirrors as they minimise potential damage and as a result the need to replace or repair them, providing high levels of durability and functionality.
  7. Environmental benefits: they are an environmentally friendly solution for public spaces as they are made from sustainable materials and can be recycled at the end of their product life, reducing waste and conserving natural resources.

In summary, anti-graffiti mirrors are a durable, versatile, and cost-effective solution for improving the appearance and functionality of public spaces. They are designed to resist damage from graffiti, scratches, and other forms of vandalism, and can be customized to meet the unique needs of your space.

By working with an experienced mirror supplier such as Arrow Traders, you can find the right anti-graffiti mirror solution for your environment, helping to create a safe, attractive, and functional space for your customers and visitors.

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