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Lighting Services

Our team is experienced with the appropriate skills to complete lighting projects for our clients. Some of our lighting work includes replacing old lights, re-lamping and the supply and installation of new LEDs. We have ensured that our team members working on these projects have the correct certifications and qualifications.

Arrow Traders has worked with many of our clients, including Westfield Centres and Westmead hospital to replace their existing lighting. We can supply and install the lights, so you do not have to worry about anything.

Lighting services encompass a wide range of solutions and products designed to meet the lighting needs of commercial, industrial, and residential clients. Whether you are looking to upgrade your lighting system, install new lighting fixtures, or implement energy-efficient solutions, we can help ensure that your lighting needs are met.

What Should I Consider for my Lighting?

  • Lighting design: the design can enhance the overall ambiance of your space while ensuring that lighting is functional and efficient.
  • Lighting fixtures: the fixtures used will influence the look and feel of your environment. Options include ceiling fixtures, recessed lighting, track lighting and pendant lights.
  • Energy efficiency: energy-efficient lighting solutions can help reduce your energy costs and lower your environmental impact. Options for energy-efficient lighting may include LED lighting, smart lighting systems, and motion-sensor lighting solutions.
  • Outdoor lighting: outdoor lighting is essential for creating a safe environment for visitors and employees. Outdoor lighting solutions may include parking lot lighting, landscape lighting, and security lighting.
  • Lighting maintenance: regular maintenance and cleaning of lighting fixtures is essential to ensure that they remain functional and efficient. A lighting maintenance plan can help identify any issues and ensure that they are addressed promptly.
  • Smart lighting systems: smart lighting systems can provide enhanced control and flexibility over your lighting, allowing you to adjust lighting levels, colours, and schedules remotely using a smartphone app or voice control. It can also increase energy savings by allowing you to set schedules and automatically turn off lights when they are not needed.
  • Emergency lighting: emergency lighting is essential for providing illumination during power outages or emergencies. Options may include backup generators, battery-powered lighting, or emergency lighting fixtures.
  • Retrofitting: retrofitting is the process of upgrading or replacing existing lighting fixtures with more efficient and modern solutions. Retrofitting can reduce energy consumption and costs while improving the overall quality of your lighting system.

Lighting services are an important aspect of creating a functional and attractive environment for your commercial, industrial, or residential space. By working with our team, you can ensure that your lighting needs are met. Whether you are looking to upgrade your lighting system, install new lighting fixtures, or implement energy-efficient solutions, we can help you achieve your lighting goals.

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