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Installation of panel barriers

Arrow Traders often helps many of our clients with construction and trades work. Therefore, we ensure these construction projects are carried out safely and do not place pedestrians and customers in danger. To help us achieve this we install panel barriers.

Panel barriers are an effective way to section off work zones and warn pedestrians of the dangers.

The Arrow Traders team can supply and install these on site for you quickly. Therefore, ensuring pedestrians are not harmed in the work zone.

Panel barriers are a popular safety solution for a variety of applications, including industrial, commercial, and residential settings. These barriers provide a physical barrier between people and hazards, helping to prevent accidents, injuries, and damage to property.

What to Consider for Panel Barrier?

  • Customisation: panel barriers are highly customisable, allowing for easy integration into any space or environment. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, including steel, aluminium, and PVC. This means that you can find a panel barrier that fits your specific needs, whether you are looking for a temporary solution or a permanent fixture.
  • Durability: the barriers are designed to withstand a range of environmental conditions, including harsh weather, extreme temperatures, and exposure to chemicals and other substances. This makes them a durable and reliable safety solution that can last for many years.
  • Maintenance: they are low maintenance, requiring only occasional cleaning and inspection to ensure that they are functioning properly. They do not require any special maintenance or upkeep, making them a convenient and cost-effective solution for a variety of settings.
  • Flexibility: panel barriers are highly flexible, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. They can be used to create temporary barriers for construction sites or events, as well as permanent barriers for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other industrial settings.
  • Cost-effective: the barriers are a cost-effective solution for improving safety in a variety of settings. They are typically less expensive than other safety solutions, such as concrete barriers or guardrails, while providing comparable levels of protection.
  • Versatility: these barriers can be used in a variety of ways to improve safety in different areas. They can be used to block off areas that are under construction, prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas, or provide a visual warning of potential hazards.

Panel barriers are an effective and versatile safety solution that can be used in a variety of settings. By working with our team, you can find the right panel barrier configuration for your space and needs, ensuring that your environment is safe, functional, and productive.

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